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Sustainability actions

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We identify with the Sustainable Development Goals because they seek global economic prosperity, while promoting the preservation of the environment and the end of poverty, combating inequalities and generating opportunities to improve the quality of life of the population, within a framework of sustainable development.

We believe that we can contribute significantly to the achievement of the following SDGs:

At Omnes we carry out plans for the efficient use and saving of water. Our main source of water consumption is rainwater, recirculating the water for the cooling process of the BZS tubes. Our production process has a treatment plant to manage this resource efficiently, which allows us to deliver the discharged water in conditions that do not generate negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems.

At Omnes we use green energy from EPM, which is energy generated through 100% renewable primary energy sources.

Waste management: in all processes we seek to reduce it through the reuse, recovery and recycling of materials that can be reincorporated into the production process of Omnes or other value chains. Use of 78% of the waste generated. Use of recycled plastic wood tubes for packaging and their reuse program with our main customers. Adequate disposal of 100% of hazardous waste

We assume the commitment to ensure the sustainable growth of the company, seeking to promote the economic development of the country and generate direct and indirect quality jobs, promoting safe work environments for employees.

Our Code of Ethics guides our behavior and is a mandatory requirement for all directors, employees, contractors, temporary workers and business partners working on our behalf.

El 99 % de nuestros colaboradores están formados para la prevención en lavado de activos y financiación de terrorismo LA/FT.